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As we announced earlier on our Instagram and Facebook pages, Q Pop is hosting the very first UAMOU Exhibition in the USA.

This show will be featuring original UAMOU & BOO paintings & Vinyl Toy limited series only for QPOP. That means our gallery will be taken over by UAMOU & BOO!!! How fun!!!

We will have pre-sale figures and canvas art by Ayako Takagi, as well as stickers and acrylic keychains with our cooperation.

During the exhibition, you can see panels introducing UAMOU and his Friend and promotional animations produced in the past. You may encounter the characters you didn’t know or a side of them you didn’t expect to see!

The show was originally scheduled to start on 10/22/2022 but because the shipment was extremely delayed, we have to move the opening date to 10/29/2022. This show will run for 2 weeks (end 11/13/2022).

STUDIO UAMOU is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by artist Ayako Takagi. She is known in the vinyl toy scene for her huge variety of colorful UAMOU and BOO figures. Her goal is to expand the world of UAMOU through picture books, figures, animation and jeweleries, bridging the gap between the character movement and art/design. 

UAMOU is a pure hearted alien boy from a planet far away who loves to adventure. He uses his horn-like ears for telepathic communication. When he meets a little ghost named Boo, they embark together on many adventures

Show location: Qpop 319 E 2nd St, STE 121, LA, CA 90012

Phone: 1-213-266-8799

Show date: 10/29 - 11/13 2022

Opening Date & Time: Sat Oct 11th, 12pm-7pm

Admission: Free

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