Q Pop is a small shop specializing in unique, carefully curated artist made goods, vinyl toys, rare records and designer T- shirts . We comb the earth for interesting a fun creations to bring our customers.   Q Pop is the exclusive west coast seller of Japanese artist Konatsu . We also collaborate with some of the best artists on the planet to produce exclusive products and original artworks throughout the year. 
Q Pop also houses a mini gallery space that features an international assortment of talent from the illustration and animation industries. Talent form the likes of Walt Disney Studios, Nickelodeon Animation, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Netflix.
Exhibitions, events, and performances take place regularly.
Located in the historic Little Tokyo area of downtown Los Angeles, Q Pop's original location featured a beautiful interior design by Justin K Thompson (production designer of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and Into the Spiderverse ) . It also featured 2 large murals by renowned artists Kevin Dart ( Chromosphere Studios) , Chris Turnham, and Elizabeth Ito ( City of Ghosts).
Q Pop opened it's doors on Nov.12 2010 and strives to bring the best in worldwide creativity to you.
Co-owner Chris Mitchell is a multiple Emmy and Annie nominated production designer, writer, and filmmaker working in the animation industry. He has gone on to design and write on many popular and groundbreaking animation projects like Ren and Stimpy, The PowerPuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Big Hero 6, to name a few. 
Co-owner Miki Panteepo was a former fashion model and actress in her home country of Thailand. Miki opened her own modeling agency while hosting a popular culture show for Thai television. Her increasing interest in business led her to the US where she received an MBA and a bachelors in Marketing.