* New KONATSUYA figure drop on 6-24-21

This Thursday 6-24 at around noon, we will be dropping a new batch of toys from Japanese artists Konatsuya. 

Ryudora - Nishiki 

Nishiki means "brocade", most likely deriving from ni meaning "red" and shiki meaning "repetition"

The body has red spots, red flame & red tail. In contrast, the horns & foot are gold.. This spice up the cuteness level...

Negora - Rain Drop ver.

The body is transparent. There are red-green glitter all over the inside of the body.

The combination of the color on its spike is pretty kawaii..pink, yellow, blue & minty.

Even more special is its eyes have a different color.. blue & green!!!! It's a must have <3

Negora - Clover

This green negora came with a clover leaf necklace! The body is milky lime green. There are leaf patterns and yellow & green dots around the waist area. Lucky

Konatsuya x Ultraman Collection

Very cool figures in Konatsu's style based on Kaiju from the popular iconic classic hero show, Ultraman. Gamora, Eleking, Twin Tail, and Takkong. 

Made in Japan

Limited 1 piece per person / per account

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