Card-Mageddon 2.2 x 3.6 Art Show 6/24 -7/16 2017

Thank you for shopping at The artworks below were created for “Card-Mageddon Art Show  (2017) The pricing does not include shipping & California Sales Tax. To purchase artwork, please contact Q Pop via e-mail at (first come, first serve basis). We will contact you back ASAP. We only accept PayPal for online sales. Credit cards can be used for in-store purchases.

All pieces is traditional @ $30 each.


Ahmed Gamal Card Mageddon 1

Artist: Ahmed Gamal

alex ahad card mageddon 3 alex ahad card mageddon 1 alex ahad card mageddon 2

Artist: Alex Ahad

Alex Ahed

Artist: Alex Ahad (round #2)


Artist: Alison Donato


Artist:  Angela Song


Artist: Anthony Wu




aurry tan card mageddon 2

Artist: Aurry Tan


Artist: Ariana Oh




Artist: Arut Tantasirin

Ashley Tahkan cardmageddon

Artist: Ashley Tahkan (round#2)


Caitlin Elise Willis card mageddon 3

Artist: Caitlin Elise Willis

cami sanders car mageddon 3 cami sanders card mageddon 1 cami sanders card mageddon 2

Artist: Cami Sanders (round #2)


cassie zwart Card Mageddon

Artist: Cassie Zwart


Cat Card Mageddon

Artist: Cat Tuong Bui


cheyenne curtis card mageddon

Artist: Cheyenne Curtis

Tony Suruno card mageddon

Artist: Chris Marino (round #2)


Chris Mitchell Card mageddon 2 Chris Mitchell Card Mageddon 3 Chris Mitchell Card Mageddon1

Artist: Chris Mitchell (round #2)


crystal kan card magedon 2 crystal kan card magedon 3 crystal kan card magedon 1

Artist: Crystal Kan (round #2)


Celine Kim Card Mageddon - 1 (1)

Artist: Celine Kim


David Woo card mageddon

Artist: David Woo


Dan Bob Thompson Card Mageddon

Artist: Dad Bob Thumpson (round #2)


Artist: Darron Nefcy


Doreen Nguyen Card mageddon

Artist: Doreen Nguyen (round #2)


drake brodahl card mageddon 2

Artist: Drake Brodahl

drake brodahl card mageddon 2

Artist: Drake Brodahl (round #2)



Artist: Eddie Xu

Elsa Chang Card mageddon

Artist: Elsa Chang (round #2)



Artist: Emily Tetri



IMG_7042 IMG_7043 Evon Freeman Card Mageddon last batch

Artist: Evon Freeman



Artist: Gabby Zapata


George Holguin

Artist: George Holguin

Gina Mclurg Card Mageddon

Artist: Gina Mclurg


grace fong card mageddon 1

Artist: Grace Fong

Grace Kim Card Mageddon

Artist: Grace Kim (round #2)


Grace Kum Card Mageddon

Artist: Grace Kum (round #2)



Artist: James Lien

Jason Dwyer card mageddon

Artist: Jason Dwyer  (round #2)

JR card mageddon 1 JR card mageddon 2

Artist: Jane Kim (round #2)

Jasmin Wong Card Mageddon

Artist: Jasmine Wong (round #2)


Jenny Calabro card mageddon

Artist: Jenny Calabro (round #2)



Artist: Jisoo Kim


Artist: Kari Cassady


Karl Cruz Card Mageddon

Artist:  Karl Cruz

Keika Card Mageddon

Artist: Keika Yamaguchi (round #2)


Lexy Card mageddon3

Artist: Lexy (round #2)


le tang Card Mageddon

Artist: Le Tang


linn sarmiento card mageddon

Artist: Linn Sarmiento



Artist: Lorraine Grate



Artist: Louie Del Carmen

maryam sefati Card Mageddon 1

Artist: Maryam Sefati

maryam sefati card mageddon2

Artist: Maryam Sefati (round #2)


Mark Taihei Card Mageddon 1

Artist: Mark Taihei

Miche Perez Card Mageddon

Artist: Miche Perez


molly flood card mageddon

Artist: Molly Flood (round #2)



Artist: Nicolas Weis


miranda tacchia card mageddon 2 miranda tacchia card mageddon 1

Artist: Miranda Tacchia


Patrick O'Connor

Artist: Patrick O’Connor (round #2)


Paulene Phouybanhdyt card mageddon

Artist: Paulene Phouybanhdyt


Artist: Rachelle Reyes

Riyoko Card Mageddon 2

Artist: Riyoko Iwamoto

Rachelle Reyes Card Mageddon 1

Artist: Rachelle Reyes

scott kikuta Card Mageddon

Artist: Scott Kikuta

Scott Kikuta card mageddon 2Scott Kikuta card mageddon 1

Artis: Scott Kikuta (round #2)


Soyeon Yoo card mageddon

Artist: Soyeon Yoo

Soyeon Yoo card mageddon round2

Artist: Soyeon Yoo (round #2)


Stephan Park Card Mageddon

Artist: Stephan Park

Teerawat card mageddon1 teerawat palanitisena card mageddon 1 IMG_7056

Artist: Teerawat


Tu-Anh Nguyen Card Mageddon 2

Artist: Tu-Anh Nguyen

Tu Ann card mageddon 2

Artist: Tu-Anh Nguyen (round #2)


Yui Card-Mageddon

Artist: Yui Tanabe

Zohreh Manzouri Card Mageddon

Artist: Zohreh Manzouri (round #2)