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3/25/2017 – 4/16/2017 Aloha Lolligag Custom Toy Show

Opening Reception – 3/25/2017 7pm-10pm

Q Pop and Lolligag are joining forces to bring you a custom art show of the new vinyl toy, Aloha! Lolligag.

More than 45  artists (worldwide) are participating :

64 Colors, Alina Chau, Aron Jean Shay, Baby Vtec, Brandon Dicks, Carson Catlin, Cat Toung Bui, Chris Mitchell,

Devilrobots, Evon Freeman, Gabbie Custom Art, Gabby Zapata, Grace Kim, Hyperactive Monkey, Jackie Cadiente,

Jackie Huang, Jane Liu, Jason Hornbuckle, Jeff Granito, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremiah Ketner, Jhonny Nunez,

Joey Chou, Kamakiri, Leesassaur, Leonardo Oliveto, Lissa Treiman, Magen Mitchell, Messy Pink, Miss Mindy, Mizna Wada,

MJ Hsu, Monster Factory, Obscure, Onch Movement, Paul Shih, Riser, Riyoko Iwamoto, Stacey Aoyama, Special Ed Toys, Sylvia Liu, Tasha Zimich,

Task One, Touma, Toy Art Custom, Uamou, Zachary Sweets and Zard Apuya

More about Lolligag:



4/29/2017 -5/21/2017  Miniature Art Show

Q Pop presents a unique collaboration show that goes big by going small! Join us for the Miniature Art Show at our gallery in Little Tokyo, featuring over 50 artists. Each piece is viewed through a magnifying glass, evoking mystery and wonder as you peer into the tiny scene. Average size will be about 2″ x 2″, and each original will include a magnifying glass for viewing.

06/24/2017- 07/16/2017  Cotton Card: 2.2 x 3.6  Art Show

All art works for this show will be created on the Cotton paper (2.2″ x 3.6″ size).

8/5/2017 – 8/27/2017 Mermaid and Mer-Men  Art Show

Q Pop journeys into the mysterious and unseen world of the deep with Mermaids and Mer-Men! This collaboration show will feature over 50 artists, with pieces celebrating undersea kingdoms, brave Mer-Warriors, princes and princesses, nautical nightmares, hidden treasure and magical adventures.


9/2/2017 – 9/24/2017 World of Succulent  Art Show


TBA- Tokusatsu 3: Ultra Hero 50th Ann


TBA- Mobile Suit Gundam Tribute Art Show