Current Exhibition


Q POP wants to invite you to come to the opening night of the “Sound + Vision: Album Cover Show.”

Since the early days of Modernism, the interplay between art and music has given considerable impetus to the development of new art forms. Even Plato recognized a special connection between eye and sound.

What better way to explore this relationship than through the art of the album cover.
Artists will create a visual representation of the music that they pick that resonates with them ..The artworks would reflect and describe the concepts and ideas contained within the album.

Aaron Spurgeon
Camilo Bejarano
Chris Allison
Chris Sasaki
Chris Turnham
Christine Vu
Dave Smith
Denny Khurniawan
Eastwood Wong
Edlyn Capulong
Elle Michalka
Fawn Veerasunthorn
Heejin Park
Hobo Divine
Irene Yuen
Jane Schneider
Jasmin Lai
Joey Chou
Junyi Wu
Justin Thompson
Kali Fontecchio
Keiko Murayama
Luca Tieri
Michelle Park
Naoshi Sunae
Nikolas Ilic
Patrick Awa
Perry Maple
Phillip Light
Sophie Diao
Stephanie Ramirez
Sylvia Liu
Tim Snyder
Warren Leonhardt
Will Finn
Willie Real
Angela An
SangEun Song

…and more