DREAM TEAM : Personal Art from Dreamworks Artists


Q2 is proud to present “The Dream Team : Personal Art from Dreamworks Animation Artists” exhibition.

This exhibition will present samplings of personal artwork from past & present Dreamworks artists. Each artists will have their own section to display art .

Many people may be wondering Why Dreamworks Animation Artists? Our co-owner Chris Mitchell is having fun working at Dreamworks right now. His project has so many talented artists that inspire him everyday… the idea of the Dream Team exhibition was born. Not just limited to his teammates ,but also artist from other projects around the studio… Dreamworks artists have joined us in the past for exhibitions so it seems natural to let them explore their own creative works.. Their art is amazing, so we want to see more of their personal art..

Opening Night: 5/2/2015 @ 7:00pm, ends 10:00pm

Show date: 5/2/2015 – 5/17/2015

Artists include:

Andy Bialk

Avner Geller

Bernie Petterson

Christopher Mitchell

Chris Turnham

Eastwood Wong

Elsa Chang

Stewart Frederic

Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay

Heejin Jaimie Park

Jane Schneider

Jisoo Kim

Kali Fontecchio

Keiko Murayama

Linda Chen

Louie del Carmen

Mariko Yamashin

Mayumi Nose

Megan Nicole Dong

Peter Chan

Phillip Light

Priscilla Wong

Stevie Lewis

Sylvia Liu

Tim Snyder

Will Finn

William Niu

And More….


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