Bwana & Michelle FUCK SHIT UP!!



June 22 2013- Bwana & Michelle FUCK SHIT UP !!!!  New Art from Bwana Spoons and Michelle Valigura

Come see new art by Bwana Spoons and Michelle Valigura! Meet these two artists in person and see them FUCK SHIT UP.

Gallery opening reception is June 22 from 7pm – 10pm, but the show itself will run through to the end of the month.

Disclaimer: please do not FUCK SHIT UP in our store. We appreciate it 😉


BWANA SPOONSBwana Spoons is an artist all the way thru the brain and into the guts. He is a painter, illustrator, and toy maker. Bwana has his works featured on just about anything imaginable, from cars, to strollers, to shoes. His artwork has been featured around the globe from his current hometown of Portland, to San Francisco, Los Angles, New York, to Japan, Spain, London, Paris, and a few parts in between. His favorite form of art these days is the installation working with wood and painting large scale murals. When Bwana isn’t doing any of this you can find him running his gallery, Grass Hut Art Market or tinkering away in his self made studio in Portland Oregon.MICHELLE VALIGURA

Brought up in Washington state Michelle learned from a very early on to fear and respect all aspects of the earth (fishing with her dad in the summer and running from bullies the rest of the year). In 1998, eager to create a much needed new path far from the dark seedy projection booths she had spent the last 5 years working in, an obvious choice was to move to the land of eternal sunlight, Los angeles.
She found her way into stop-motion animation some of her credits include the Simpsons and Elf. The progression to fine art sculpture and eventually ceramics was perhaps the most fluid and self realizing moment throughout her very sordid career. Her work is shown in museums and galleries in all corners of the globe including Disneyland USA.
Along with Amanda Visell, she is “the other one” of  the design collective called Switcheroo. 
She is very honored to have found her way back to basics, of what she feels is the most simple and complex art forms, playing with dirt.
The end.


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