“Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju” Preview

"Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju" Preview

 Please email with artwork inquiries or purchase directly from Q Pop Shop’s webstore. Current listings reflect the availability right after the show on Nov. 16, 2013. This post will not be updated after, so please check the webstore or via email if you’d like to purchase a piece.   “Terror of Mechagodzilla” by Aaron […]

“Monkey King: Journey to the West” Preview

"Monkey King: Journey to the West" Preview

To purchase any of the pieces you see here, please email Thank you!  Technical Difficulties Angela Sung $70 Giclee 13″ x 18″  Untitled Arica Tuesday $75 Print on wood 8″ x 8″  Look out Bryan Wong $60 Giclee 9.5″ x 11.5″ MK Camilo Bergano $200 Giclee 17″ x 14″ Sun Wukong vs Peach Carrie […]